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The Windows Control and Automation Technology 

Beckhoff offers comprehensive system solutions in different performance classes for all areas of automation. Beckhoff control technology is scalable – from high-performance Industrial PCs to mini PLCs – and can be adapted precisely to the respective application. TwinCAT automation software integrates real-time control with PLC, NC and CNC functions in a single package. All Beckhoff controllers are programmed using TwinCAT in accordance with the globally-recognised IEC 61131-3 programming standard. With TwinCAT 3, C/C++ and Matlab®/Simulink® are available as programming languages in addition to IEC 61131-3. 


TwinCAT 3 highlights


With TwinCAT 3 a PC-based control software is available which will expand the standard automation world considerably. In addition to the object-oriented IEC 61131-3 extensions, the languages of the IT world are available in C and C++. The integration of Matlab®/Simulink® enables the application in scientific fields. And all of that in just one engineering environment. The modules run in different languages in a common runtime. The advantage of this modularity is the improved reuse of modules, once they have been written and tested. The runtime runs under harsh realtime conditions with the use of multi-core technology and the support of 32- or 64-bit operating systems.

  • only one software for programming and configuration
  • Visual Studio® integration
  • more freedom in selecting programming languages
  • support for the object-oriented extension of IEC 61131-3
  • use of C/C++ as the programming language for real-time applications
  • link to Matlab®/Simulink®
  • open interfaces for expandability and adaptation to the tools landscape
  • flexible runtime environment
  • active support of multi-core and 64-bit systems
  •  migration of TwinCAT 2 projects

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